Blockchain Can Break The Monopoly

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First international ICO platform

Anyone who has services that are recognized and has a certain value can produce individual tokens within the constraints of the smart contract functionality afforded by the Metier platform and launch an individual ICO for the first time. A successful launch of an ICO will lay a solid foundation for enhancing individual capability and impact.

Metier “tokenized”

The unique skills of every individual can be measured by time. Forming the time commodity and converting it into a token by scientific algorithm enables anyone to trade that time regardless of their nationality. As time goes on and the better individual skills develop, the more value will be attached to the relevant time commodity.

Display of decentralized Metier measurement

Metier will develop a crypto commodity trading platform (Secondary Market) which leads to a transparent market behaviour by adopting Blockchain technology, which makes it easier for both demanders and investors to obtain commodity information and conduct transactions, therefore realizing the value of commodity.

Blockchain can break the monopoly

  • Transparency in transactions

    Metier is based on the latest Blockchain underlying technology, aiming to establish a decentralized time-value transmission network. Each transaction can be searched with the Block Explorer provided, thus users can manage their individual time assets quickly, efficiently, safely and legally.

  • Ethereum

    A blockchain everyone can trust. While the Metier system is blockchain agnostic, the first supported blockchain and smart contracting platform will be Ethereum. Metier Network nodes will regularly interact with the Ethereum blockchain. Our analytics Engine can also deploy and read Ethereum smart contracts as well as send transactions onto the blockchain.


    The Metier Vision is to have Metier Coin be a household name such as the USD or EURO or YEN and be the leading cause of acceptance of cryptocurrency in the real world.Metier cryptocurrency which aims to be the worlds most accepted to shop with cryptocurrency to buy goods, pay with crypto for services. Metier aims to use the blockchain technology to provide easy, fast and efficient payments and transfers across the world. Whether someone is sitting in the USA or someone is sitting in Africa everyone would know and use Metier. This is our vision, this is the Metier Vision, The revolution.



We believe it is extremely important to consider what may happen in the future and to give your family some financial security if you were to die.



We believe it is extremely important to consider what may happen in the future and to give your family some financial security if you were to die.